Professional Italian, English and German translator

Professional Italian, English and German translator specialising in the following fields:

As translation together with interpreting are certainly not arts you can improvise, it is best to rely on a certified translator especially when it is necessary to translate official documents and legal acts. Similarly, it is advisable to use a qualified conference interpreter or one that is competent in high-level conventions and conferences, who is able to assume full responsibility for the translation produced and able to sign an appropriate sworn oath.
For this reason I have been offering specific services for companies and for multilingual professional individuals for years (Italian, English, German) and have always been available and active at very short notice to meet even the most urgent of requests.

  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • Law
  • Industry and Plant Engineering
  • Other


  • German⇨Italian
  • Italian ⇦⇨ English
  • German⇨ English

Sworn translator

I also deal with the translation of legal documents, academic diplomas, divorce rulings and translations of documents to be submitted to the various requesting authorities.
As a sworn translator for the Berlin courts and notaries public, I translate:

  • prosecution documents
  • reports
  • charges
  • legal medical reports,
  • tax documents and contracts

My signature is also deposited at the Berlin Embassy which authorises the legalisation of my signature for use in Italy.

I took an oath for the following languages:

  • Italian ⟷ English
  • German ⟷ English
  • German ⟷ Italian

Don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to give you a quote.